Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

The policies here relate to all websites operated by Tropical Moon, LLC and/or GLR Sales, LLC.

Our websites offer a number of social networking / publishing features which may include:

  • user registration and profile
  • hashtags
  • direct messaging between users
  • bulletin board / message forum
  • photo gallery
  • member profiles
  • classified ads
  • Online chat
  • Instant messages
  • and/or products / services for sale.


This is a social networking website. With very few exceptions, ie: where you enter your email address to register or login, all of the information you enter on our site will be published on this site. This means that the search engines bots will read and index what you publish. Additionally people and other bots from anywhere in the world may also read and/or copy whatever you publish. We have no control over what people or bots access the page and/or what the people or bots do with the information.

For that reason it is not advisable to enter your email address except for our website site registration and to login. Additionally it is not advisable to publish phone numbers, addresses, or other personally identifiable information. Even if you delete an entry from our site, we have no control over those who may have copied the information.

Intended Audience

Our websites are directed to an adult audience that is interested in the vigorous exchange of information, ideas and intellectually challenging debate.

It is not intended for those under 13 years of age, nor for those looking for sexually provocative materials. If you fit in either of those classifications, we ask that you immediately close your browser window and use your favorite search engine to locate a website that is age and topic appropriate.

Commercial Posting

The purpose of our websites is to be a topical social network. That means the free and open exchange of information, opinions, recommendations, experiences, etc related to the topic of the site. This of course, also includes commercial postings, ie: posting information and links to your products and services.

The key is participation not link dropping (making a post and never returning). However, we are in the processing of limiting the commercial posting to those who also participate socially in an active manner.

In other cases postings and/or links will be deleted if we feel their are unsuitable, ie: a single or multiple short post just to get links to your website. In cases of abuse, ie: repeating commercial postings without any social participation or off-topic commercials posts, your account and access to our network of sites may be disabled.

Please do not enter URLs, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc for the titles of your posts, profile name, etc. This may result in the information be replaced with [deleted] and/or the removal of all your accounts. It also means that information is likely to be indexed by the search engines and someone searching for your email address (if you publish it in a post) may find that post.

Non-Registered Users

A few portions of our website(s) may allow participate by unregistered users. As an unregistered user you will have no future access (ie: to edit or delete) any information you provide.

If you participate in any portion of our website we will prompt you for your email address. We do not publish your emails as provided in the specific prompt for it. If you include your email address in your profile, message text or any similar location it will be published along with your message and we have no control over who sees it or how it is used.

We highly recommend you chose to participate as a registered user and do not put contact information directly within your messages.

Please note at this time it is required that all users register before they can participate in the forums. Users that participated in the past as unregistered users may register under the same email address they used in the unregistered manner and be able to delete posts. Users that participated with an invalid email address are unable to do so.

Registered Users

As a registered user you create a personality (profile) and all of your submissions, posts, entries, etc will be published under that profile. When registering you will be asked to provide your email address (or you can connect via Facebook, Twitter, Google Account, and/or a bitcoin address), name and tag line. Your email address is not published. Your name and tag line will be included in your profile and on all your posts. You may wish to use only your first name or a pseudonym. Whatever information you provide will be published and it is likely the search engines will index it (often rapidly) and people searching for your name may find your participation on this site.

As a registered user you can send a short message to other users to initiate contact off the site. Your email address will be provided to the other user and optionally a short note. We have no control over how the other user may chose to use your information.

Information YOU Post (publish)

All of the information you submit or post to our site for any of its functions, except for your email address when registering will be published on our website. At the moment it is published, it becomes available to all users of the internet and all search engines to review and make us of in any manner they desire. We have no control over (or knowledge of who) may read, index, and/or use the information you post here.

You should make any submissions or posts with the assumption that it will be indexed by many search engines and any words, text, emails, names, phone numbers, etc that you put within your posts, if used as a search phrase will result in people finding your posts here. You should also assume that others may copy any information you post and republish it online in a form you have no control over.

If you submit a classified ad all of the information except for your email address will be displayed for everyone to see (including any email address you specify in your classified ad). Your email address will only be used to contact you directly regarding your submission (ie: to send your account password and information about approval of your listings).

Chat Room

Our chat rooms allow for real time interaction with other users. Please keep in mind that any information you enter is published and we have no control over what others may do with what information.

Additionally, extreme caution should be used with respect to any links or other information received via the chat rooms.

Instant Messages

Within our chat rooms we offer an end-to-end RSA Encrypted instant messaging service. By setting an public key, others are able to securely communicate with you. We have no access to the content of this communication.

It is encrypted and decrypted within your browser. A new private key / public key is created for each session. That avoids the need for storing private keys.

However secure the actual communication is, it does not provide authentication of who you are speaking with. If that is important you must authenticate the other user by independent means (possibly signing a message via bitcoin).

Emails we might send you

  • When you register on our site, we will send you an acknowledgement email to verify your account.
  • When you request your a password reset.
  • General notifications / subscriptions: When you register and/or create a profile you are automatically subscribed to "system messages". These are extremely rare and would relate to any significant updates, changes or issues with the site.
When you post an advertisement you status to receive immediately notification when someone sends you a message via our system will be set.

When you post a new message or reply on our forum. You will be added to the email notification list and be sent an email when someone else makes a reply to that message. When posting your message you can uncheck the box and then you will not be added to the email notification list. Additionally, you can select to subscribe or unsubscribe to the notifications for a specific message by using the link at the bottom of the posting form. The notification emails also include an unsubscribe link.

In the case of a problem or we have a suggestion relative to your submission, posting, account or other issue we may individually email you.

If you submit an RSS Feed we will send you relevant emails, ie: that your submission was received (or not), when it is approved, and when new posts have been processed and are ready for you to tag them.

In case you email us with a concern we may email you back.

You can enable / disable any notifications / subscriptions via the "Notifications" selection or you can disable them via the link provided in all emails sent because of a notification or subscription option.

If we receive a spam complaint directly from you, or indirectly, via an email provider (for example,,, etc), via an internet carrier, or other third party, regarding any email sent for any of the above reasons, we may disable your account within our system. That means that no emails will be sent to you for password resets, or notifications of comments on posts, or messages sent to you, additionally, you will not be able to login into comment, respond, delete, edit or in other form access content you have posted under your account. You will not be able to login with alternative services such as Facebook or Google accounts which use the same email address. If you do not wish to receive emails as described above, please turn off notifications and do not use the other sections which directly send an email in response to your actions.

Emails that are returned undeliverable by your email service, for example, because your email address is not recognized by them, your account is over quota, or has expired, may also result in the permanent suspension of any emails being sent to you, including password requests.

If you attempt to participate in any kind of fraudulent activity, or abusive behavior or any activity to attack our servers or network resources any and all information we have or can collect may be shared with anyone we feel is necessary, and/or useful to resolve the problem.

Third Party Login Services

We currently allow the option to use Facebook, Twitter and/or Google services for registration / login on our site.

To use any of these services you must approve our app on each service. This does not permit us to make any post on your account there. We do not copy any of the private or public data from your account there into your public profile here.

When you use a third party login service to register or login here, a small window will open which will ask you to authorize the third party app, or if you have already authorized it, immediately log into your account here.

In no case do we receive your password for the third party service. No do we ever ask for your password directly. If you are not logged into the third party service when you click the login button here, the pop up window which is 100% content provided by the third party service will ask you to login. That login is directly with that third party.

The third party service may create, store and/or read cookies or other data in your browser. We have no control over that and refer you to the third party website to review their privacy policy.

If for any reason you lose access (or remove permission for our app) to your account on that third party service you will not be able to use it to login here. For that reason, we recommend that you use the User Control panel here to create multiple logins for your user account here. An email is strongly encouraged as one of them.

Customer Service

All of the services provided on our website are free. We do not collect any payments from users. Consequently, all customer service is self-serve and limited.

Before submitting any information, please review the submission form. Please use care when making submissions for clients to ensure your client has the login and password to delete entries in the future if they wish.

All of our customer service is "self-service", ie: you login and delete material posted under your account. In the case that you are unwilling or unable (for example, you hired an SEO company to make posts and they used their login information and not yours), we can provide the following limited customer service: Deletion of a specific post or directory entry. You must provide the exact URL of the post on our site, information to show that it is your post, prepayment of US $29 via Bitcoin (per deletion). Normally within 2 business days of receipt of 6 confirmations of the payment the deletion will be completed.

If you place an order or make use of any website linked to from our website, whether it is an editorial mention with a link, member submission with a link, an advertisement or any other link, you must contact that website directly for any customer service or privacy policy.

If you make a customer service related inquiry on any social networking site, forum, or other publicly accessible website (ie: Facebook, twitter,, etc) we may publicly disclose any information we have collected, including but not limited to email addresses, IP addresses, etc in order to respond.

False DMCA requests (ie: requests to delete material you posted yourself, and/or requests with false declarations will be reported to the appropriate authorities).

Products and Services listed for Sale

Any products listed for sale are from independent websites and you must check directly with them regarding their privacy and other policies. Although we regularly update the product information, you should check directly with the vendor to confirm prices and other product information.

Links to Other Websites

Our site contains many links to other websites. Some of the links are part of our website and some of the links are included in content posted or submitted by others. If you click either type of link and are taken off our website, ie: our website URL is no longer shown in your browser address bar, you will need to check with that site for its privacy and other policies.

We have no control or responsibility over content, privacy, or any other aspect of the websites which link to or are linked from our site. All of the user generated content on our site is the responsibility of the user who posted it.

You should use extreme caution with respect to any links or information receive via our chat room(s).


This website does store some information in "cookies" on your computer. It does not store any personally identifiable information in cookies, unless you use a section of our website that requires a login, your login information (email address) may be stored in a cookie for the duration of your being logged in (browser session). If you participate in the forums cookies will be used to help prevent abusive and repeat postings. If you disable cookies, our website may not function properly.

While you are making a forum post, forum response, or inputting other data, the information you enter may be stored in a cookie until the completion of your entry. This is to protect against loss of data if your browser is closed or connection interrupted during your post.

Cookies: If you login on our site, we store a cookie to save your email and encrypted password, and current profile name while you are logged in. We do not store other personally identifiable information in cookies. We store non-personally identifiable information cookies to save various settings and prevent multiple and spam postings.

Cookies and our advertisers: Advertisers on our website may set cookies and you should refer directly to an advertisers website for details on their cookies and privacy policy. Their cookies may be set while you surf our site, by virtue of the advertisement being placed in an iframe. We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our Web site. These companies may use information (not including your name, address email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other Web sites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you. If you would like more information about this practice and to know your choices about not having this information used by these companies, your need to contact them directly.

"DoubleClick Dart Cookie". Some of our pages may display advertisements provided by Google. Please note the following information with respect to this:

Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on your site.

Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to your users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet.

Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the

System data

We may receive various data from your browser, including details about your hardware, software and/or network configuration. This is non-personally identifiable system, however, it may uniquely identify your system or browser environment. We may collect and store this data for our internal research purposes and/or to determine a "unique" user with respect to our various promotions or limitations on system usage.

You can find our DMCA policy here: DMCA Policy

Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions
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